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Buxom Bites

A holistic nutritionist specializing in digestion and low energy/fatigue through optimal nutrition.

Who we are
I am committed to enhancing the diet of every client, no matter their dietary needs and wellness goals.

Buxom Bites sees food as medicine and works with clients to craft organic and non-GMO meal plans for their individual dietary requirements.

Experience true holistic wellness that comes from your diet working in harmony with your body's unique needs.

Eat better to feel better, I'll tell you how.

After two weeks of living on bourbon and donuts (okay, fine. Two and a half.) I decided it was time to kick myself into healthy gear. Pulled out favorite fresh veggies, drizzled with sesame oil, rice vinegar and a kiss coconut aminos. And reminded myself that fast food doesn’t have to come from a drive thru.
What we offer
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Get started on your wellness journey with a free Discovery Call. I'll assess your needs, and we'll discuss how a nutritionist-developed meal plan can transform your whole-body health.

Conditions I can help with

  • Digestive isuess ( diarrhea, constipations, bloating,acid reflux, abdonminal pain)
  • Low energy and fatigue
  • Mood disorders
  • Blood sugar balance
and more!